• Lisa Gerrard - The serpent and the dove


    Once there was a secret union

    A serpent and a dove

    Enchanted by their beauty

    They found a perfect love

    Although the garden was lost of them

    They sought a purity

    They're shown by the sunlight

    A gate into the sea

    A home there to be

    There they lived beyond all reason

    Acquainted by their dreams

    But one in true affection

    Their souls would be redeemed

    The dolphin song

    Fell sweetly on their ears

    In sacred tears

    They called for our saviour

    To cast away theur fears

    They prayed there for years


    Once there was a sacred union

    A dolphin and a whale

    The purity within them

    No other could avail

    The song incited a peace

    Within their frail and glente ways

    They softly embraced us

    And sought the souls of sails

    They praised us in vain


    Once there was a magic union

    A beetle and a frog

    Their songs were so enchanted

    They mistified the fog

    Although their singing

    Was not the sweetest song

    They called the morning

    And bore up a guardianship

    On those unborn

    Hence, warning

    Transcending dreams


    There was a frightening union

    A sailor and a gun

    They sought to size them

    And murdered just for fun

    All their laughter

    Bore tears to those affraid

    They slayed and dared

    That others would seize them

    And leave them cold and scared

    They wasted

    And murdered

    They wasted

    And orphaned


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